Science museum

At the Science Museum “The inventors of the future” is an educational project for students and teachers


The National Museum of Science and Technology and the Roca Foundation present the Future Inventors Project, a project that offers a new educational approach to advance the teaching and learning of science, technology, engineering and science. mathematics (STEM) in college. This is an initiative aimed at both educators and students: with interactive projections, audio arts, video cards and creative algorithms, all integrated into active and experiential learning paths, the project will thrill 11-13 year-olds for STEM, enriching educational practice in the classroom.

I study

In the research report to be presented shortly by the Roca Foundation, the difficulties encountered by Italian college students in science subjects are clearly highlighted, compared to their European peers. The analyzes that the Roca Foundation has carried out in recent years on the Italian school have shown how the results of students, starting with college, are starting to deteriorate.

The project

Future Inventors offers an educational approach, intended for educators and their students as well as the general public, based on the original contamination between STEM and art, digital, analog, physical and virtual: digital culture, so close to the daily life of children, is used to activate new connections and understandings and becomes the tool that allows the exploration of scientific contents and aspects of the curriculum. In particular, a laboratory has been created, which is also available to all visitors to the museum. The laboratory is open to the public from Saturday December 4 and offers an innovative experimental course based on an original contamination between science, technology and art.

Image and sound have been chosen as the central theme of the educational experiences and activities offered. The objective, after using the laboratories, is to be able to apply the Future Inventors approach at school and to extend it to a wider interdisciplinary field.