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Augusta Museum of History exhibits historical golf artwork

AUGUSTA, Ga. (WRDW/WAGT) — A new exhibit at the Augusta Museum of History features the most famous golf entertainer of all time.

This is according to the artist who discovered the sketches in the fifties.

Here’s how Christopher Obetz preserves these pieces while giving them his own twist.

“Augusta is packed with people right now, so it’s a great platform. Probably the best platform to tell the story,” he said.

It’s a story from the history of golf, captured by Anthony Ravielli. The exhibition will be on display until mid-June.

“Ravielli was the all-time go-to artist for the sport,” he said.

Ravielli worked with golf legends Bobby Jones and Ben Hogan to create hands-on sketches.

A few years ago, Obetz discovered them in New York.

“It was a marvel. It was a surprise miracle. I wanted to save them and make sure they could be shared with the world, instead of being sold,” Obetz said.

He took them to the Augusta History Museum, but that’s not all.

“It’s so fun to watch. I love seeing this because it takes you through the artistic process,” he said.

Using modern technology, Obetz transformed the original works into his own.

“What I do is show the past of the golf swing as well as where it’s leading,” he said.

Obetz always knew that Augusta was the perfect place to bring art.

“The opportunity to talk to people who come to Augusta, attend the Masters, golf enthusiasts and aficionados, it’s great,” he said.

For more information about the artist and his exhibition, visit Christopher Obetz.

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