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Black History Museum director says everything is on the table for the future of Richmond’s Confederate monuments | Richmond Local News

As for the preservation of the monuments, will the city continue to store them or will the Black History Museum move them elsewhere?

This remains at this stage an entirely open question.

The reason I say this is an open question is that, as you know, institutions across the country, particularly arts-based institutions, are keen to borrow these artifacts to work in many places. It would therefore be premature at this stage of the process for me to say definitively and categorically that they will remain in such a place. I’m not going to do that.

What happens to the monuments during this process of use will be handled and managed on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with the mission and the commitment we have made to the city; that they are not used in any way, shape or form to glorify the lost cause.

Some critics have raised concerns that the museum may decide to melt down some of these monuments, such as in Charlottesville, where city officials donated a statue to a museum that plans to turn a statue of Robert E Lee into a new work of public art. Is this an idea your institution is willing to consider?

Everything is on the table.

Others who also criticized the city’s move questioned why a black history museum should be responsible for these monuments. Why do you think your institution is best placed to handle this?