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Black History Museum proposed to honor the history and culture of Racine County | Local News


“Stories are not told,” he said. “We want to change that.”

The organizers have already contacted the town hall for help, identified a few possible locations and developed a rendering for the installation. The concept includes a museum, art gallery, bookstore, rooftop entertainment and other amenities.

Johnny Green, a business owner serving as chairman of the board for development, expressed optimism that the group will succeed in raising the necessary $ 500,000.

Similar efforts have been successful in Milwaukee and Madison.

The people of Racine County realize that this area also has a rich history and culture involving black people, Green said. Children need to have a place to learn local history, as well as a place where they can express themselves through art, he added.

“There is a lot of talent at Racine,” he says. “It will be an anchor for them.”

Upgrading your wall art can seem very expensive, but there are plenty of affordable sites out there to find fantastic pieces.

To launch the fundraising campaign, the “Black Humanity Now” Art Exhibition brought together 18 artists from across the country to exhibit more than 30 paintings, photographs, sculptures and other pieces.

All of the contributing artists are black, with the exception of one Hispanic, some of whom hail from as far away as California and Florida.



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