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Boise Science Museum prepares for complete overhaul, launches fundraising campaign

The Discovery Center of Idaho just announced plans to raise $10 million through a new fundraising campaign, along with an all-new look and expansion of the science museum in downtown Boise.

The future “Reimagined Discovery Center”, as the association calls it, will be able to welcome more than 150,000 visitors each year. Currently, the center has the capacity to accommodate approximately 115,000 people for its interactive exhibits, educational programs, camps, classes, and other special events.

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“We wanted to modernize the center for at least 10 years,” said Lydia Bassett, director of development. “It’s exciting that it’s finally happening. It’s been a dream for a long time. »

The Boise City Council gave approval for the expansion in 2019. The museum sits on land owned by the City of Boise, adjacent to Julia Davis Park.

Complete overhaul

A look at the reinvented center. Via CSHQA

According to the Discovery Center plan, the goal is to make the center more accessible and inclusive, serve more people in different ways and use sustainable infrastructure, including adding air conditioning systems to accommodate a wider range of exhibitions.

“We will be able to host a wider variety of traveling exhibits,” Bassett said. “You’ll see a lot more exhibits than the big science centers in the country have.”

Renders show an updated exterior with dramatic lighting at night, new outdoor spaces, and more. Inside, the museum would redevelop existing spaces and add new spaces.

Additionally, with the updates, twice as many students will be able to attend subsidized STEM field trips to the center.

The Discovery Center is located on Myrtle Street in Boise. For more information on the Discovery Center fundraising campaign and full plan, click here.