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Covid: Jabs back at Science Museum as recall effort ‘supercharged’

Health chiefs have said they are also aiming to use sports stadiums to provide additional capacity over New Years as they face the challenge of doubling the number of beatings currently being administered in London.

Almost 40,000 boosters were given away across London on Wednesday as the number continued to rise by around 10% a day, taking the capital’s total to more than 2.1 million boosters.

Further increases are expected after the gap between second and third bites was halved from six to three months for people aged 40 and over.

Kay Matthews, of the North Central London Clinical Commission Group, said the government’s order to offer a booster to all adults by the end of January was an “important request”.

Over 384,000 boosters have been given across the five north central London boroughs and the rate will need to double to 110,000 boosters per week to meet the national target. Additional capacity is being mobilised, but the biggest challenge will be getting Londoners to come forward, she said.

Extra efforts are also being made to give children between the ages of 12 and 15 a first shot. Vaccinators return to schools on Fridays to ‘mop up’ pupils who have missed the first round of shots, with pop-up clinics remaining on school grounds throughout the weekend in a bid to encourage families to manifest.

He told a Royal Society of Medicine webinar: “I think we are definitely not out of the woods.

“Over the next two months we’re going to see a really pretty big wave of Omicron that will lead to a lot of hospitalizations and unfortunately a lot of deaths. I’m pretty sure of that.

Dr Vin Diwakar, medical director of the NHS in London, said more than 400 vaccination sites were open in the capital, putting it “on track” to meet the booster target.

“With the support of many partners, including London councils, community centres, places of worship, pharmacies and world-renowned museums, it has never been easier to get vaccinated,” he said. he declares.