Science museum

Demonstration at the Science Museum: activists occupy a museum to demonstrate against “green laundering”

The museum is now closed but the protesters stay inside

The protest group behind the sit-in, UKSCN, said: “The Science Museum is continuously legitimizing and greening Shell and other fossil fuel companies, allowing them to use this platform to come up with ‘solutions’ to the climate crisis that allow them to continue extracting fossil fuels and profit from the destruction of the environment

“With less than a week to go to the start of COP26, the Science Museum has announced another fossil fuel sponsor, Adani.

“Even COP26 officials have acknowledged that fossil fuel companies fall far behind pressing targets, but the museum continues to turn a blind eye.

“Occupying the Science Museum for the second time was not an easy decision, but we have no other choice.

“We haven’t tried a variety of tactics, including letters, petitions, protests, and a previous occupation, all of which have been ignored or met with apologies and ridicule.

“There is no place for fossil fuels in cultural institutions.

“The Tate, the Southbank Center, the Royal Shakespeare Company and many others have abandoned the sponsorship of fossil fuels; this science museum is lagging behind. It is time for the museum to abandon the sponsorship of fossil fuels.”


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