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Denver Art Museum Features Local Student Artists

The Scholastic Art Showcase gives Colorado’s top young artists the chance to inspire other students across the state.

DENVER – The Art of Denver Museum (DAM) is home to works of art created by some of the most famous artists in history. Now it also exhibits paintings, drawings and sculptures by artists you probably haven’t heard of yet.

In a space filled with names like Van Gogh and Monet, students visiting DAM first see works by people like Katelyn, Calvin and Asia.

“I’m in grade 11,” said Asia Thunderhawk, one of the artists whose work is featured in the museum’s new school art showcase. “I am 16 years old.”

The new art showcase in the Wonderscape portion of the museum puts students in the spotlight, so other students can be inspired.

“It’s really cool to see young kids looking at my art,” said 16-year-old artist Katelyn Kelso. “I was really, really inspired by things like that growing up.”

The Scholastic Art and Writing Prize showcase runs through March 31 at the art museum. More than 3,000 middle and high school artists submitted their work with only 100 works chosen for display.

The Student Art Exhibit is the first place students touring the museum stop to view artwork.

“Being able to see artists of the same age really inspires the students,” said Erica Richard of DAM. “It’s a chance for students to really see their artwork in the museum.”

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An exhibition that focuses on artists you haven’t heard of – artists the world needs to see.

“I’m so honored,” said Calvin Boal, a 14-year-old artist whose work is featured in the exhibit. “I love where I am and I love where I’m going to be. I’m really proud of what happened and can’t wait to see what happens next.”