Discovery museum

Discovery Museum receives $1 million for sustainability and inclusivity

Austin’s Sheth Sangreal Foundation has awarded a five-year, $1 million grant to the Discovery Museum in Acton to support the museum’s sustainability and inclusion efforts.

The Discovery Museum, an interactive series of exhibits with a focus on scientific exploration, plans to use the grant to support its goal of having net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by going solar, improving energy efficiency and offering visitors carbon offsets. The museum’s five-year plan calls for reducing its carbon footprint by 50%.

In addition, grant funds will increase free and reduced-cost service for schools and families by 50% as part of the museum’s goal of achieving parity between visitors and regional demographics. The museum will focus on outreach and education for children with limited access to the outdoors due to living conditions or disability.

As part of the grant, $200,000 is intended to match a grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund to prepare the Discovery Museum property for solar power installations this year. The remaining $800,000 is committed to a multi-year grant challenge that visitors must match by 2025 to support the museum’s five-year plan.