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Discovery Museum receives $ 1 million grant for environmental improvements


Discovery Museum announced a five-year, million dollar challenge grant awarded by the Sheth Sangreal Foundation, founded by Brian Sheth and Adria Sheth, to support the museum’s sustainability plan – including conversion to solar electricity – associated with broader environmental education and inclusion initiatives to help train the next generation of environmental stewards.

The goals of the museum’s sustainable development plan, to be completed by 2025, include reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero through the use of solar energy; improve the efficiency of campus buildings and offer carbon offsets to visitors; achieve a 50% reduction in the museum’s environmental footprint by reducing consumption, waste production and water use; and educate and communicate these actions and their impacts to a more diverse visitor community in order to strengthen environmental knowledge and appreciation throughout the region.

“Building on our commitment to inspiring lifelong curiosity and encouraging children to see themselves as responsible stewards of our natural environment, we have set aggressive goals to reduce the museum’s footprint on the environment. earth – all to be conducted transparently and publicly as a role model for all, ”said CEO Neil Gordon. “The support of the Sheth Sangreal Foundation to make this work possible is a testament to Brian and Adria Sheth’s commitment to both fostering awareness and taking concrete steps towards environmental sustainability. We are proud to pursue these goals in our region.

“It is essential that companies take action to protect and improve the health of our planet, while inspiring the next generation to continue this vital work,” said Brian Sheth, Founder of the Sheth Sangreal Foundation. “I have long been inspired by the good work of the Discovery Museum in my hometown of Acton, and I am proud to support their conversion to solar power and their high impact approach to environmental education to achieve and educate our young people.

“This initiative will teach the next generation to first appreciate and appreciate our planet, regardless of background or experience, and then to become stewards of its natural resources. We hope that the museum’s leadership in this area will inspire other organizations to make similar commitments. “

The museum will focus on scientific and natural exploration and environmental education for children who normally do not have easy access to the outdoors due to family culture, living environment or disability. . It will strive to broaden the diversity of its audience and increase free and low-cost services for schools and families by 50%, striving to achieve parity with regional demographics.

As part of the $ 1 million donation to the Discovery Museum, the Sangreal Foundation is teaming up with a $ 200,000 grant from the Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Fund, to fund the immediate need to prepare the museum site for the solar installation. on site this year. The foundation commits to providing an additional $ 800,000 as part of a multi-year grant challenge to the museum community to contribute matching funds by 2025 in support of the strategic goals of sustainability, education and of DEAI from the museum.

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