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Early works by artist Don Drumm on display at Akron Art Museum until October 16

AKRON, Ohio — Akron artist Don Drumm, 87, is well known locally for his iconic foil suns, faces and figures. Around the world, he is known for pioneering the use of cast aluminum as an artistic medium. Today, three of his early sculptures are on display at the Akron Museum of Art until October 16.

Drumm’s pieces include “Warrior”, a steel sculpture created in 1957 by a then twenty-two-year-old Drumm. The other pieces, both untitled, are so immense that a title cannot fully encapsulate their scope. Both pieces were created in the 1960s and are sculpted in bronze and aluminum.

The works are part of a temporary extension to the Museum of Akron’s permanent gallery themed “The Beyond and the Fantastic.” They are joined by the bronze sculpture “Seer (Alice I)” by Kiki Smith.

The exhibition focuses on post-war artists who were inspired by psychology, fantasy, science fiction and spirituality. These subjects are conveyed by fantastic images or subjects.

“Celebrating local artists and their contributions is very important to the mission of the Akron Art Museum,” commented Jon Fiume, Executive Director and CEO. “

Jeffrey Katzin, Associate Curator of the Akron Art Museum, says, “For Akronites who are already familiar with Drumm, these works may shed light on his early career. They come from a time when he was inspired by ancient metalworking techniques, testing different materials and working adventurously with large-scale abstract forms.

As part of the museum’s centennial celebration, Drumm has designed an original collection of pieces for the museum’s gift shop which will be unveiled this holiday season.

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