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First Fridays Return to the Natural History Museum – NBC Los Angeles

What there is to know

  • Friday March 4
  • $20; free for NHMLA members
  • Talks, cocktails, DJ music, gallery fun, more


Humans have lived around and among them since, well, always.

But green, leafy, fragrant, waxy, and flowery specimens have been undeniably at the forefront of recent trends over the past few years, thanks to prominent “plant parents” seen on Instagram and TikTok.

Tender care for a host of houseplants, from pothos to orchids, has increased, with an impressive number of social accounts giving plant lovers plenty of inspiration and step-by-step instructions for transforming their homes. in fabulous and soothing forests.

So discovering that plants, as a science-centric concept, would be central to their own celebration of First Fridays?

Few people, let alone plant lovers, would be surprised by this announcement.

And the plants will indeed enter the sun, or at least the moonlight, when the evening event returns to the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History for an in-person celebration on Friday, March 4.

“Plants with Benefits” is the theme for the 2022 series, and Dr Yewande Pearse, a “neuroscientist and science communicator with over 10 years of research to understand rare genetic brain disorders at King’s College London and the Lundquist Institute in Harbor -UCLA ,” will be the host and moderator of the event.

The event will also feature Dr. Beatriz C. Labate, anthropologist and executive director of the Chacruna Institute for Psychedelic Plant Medicines, who will discuss “psychedelic plant medicine and the connection between science and the ceremonial use of sacred plants” in the North American Mammal Hall.

Contextual presentations, from a roster of educators and scientists, will also give visitors enlightening looks at various parts of the science institution.

Add to the aura of the night?

The music, of course, one of the most beloved elements of the series, which has been a springtime favorite at the Fairgrounds Museum for several years. Spill Tab, Ill Peach and DJ Lani Love will bring the mellow songs and rock-ready sounds.

Art is also a main focus, and Pablo González will appeal to the Level 1 foyer, exploring “identity, the internet, loneliness, dreams and more” during the digital art pop-up.

First Fridays will be back in April, and they will be back soon: the date is April 1st, if you want to put it on your calendar, the one where you keep track of your plants, when they need to be watered, and when you go out to buy more.