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Four Young Men Guilty Of Breaking In And Looting At The Science Museum Of Virginia During Summer 2020 Protests | Crime News

Four suspects broke into the Science Museum of Virginia in the summer of 2020 and caused thousands of dollars in damage.


As arson blazes in several Richmond businesses and institutions on the second night of the Summer 2020 Black Lives Matter protests, Sherod Jenkins and three companions took advantage of the chaos and stormed into the Science Museum of Virginia, causing turmoil. thousands of damage and robbing laptop computers and audio equipment.

After months of investigation that have taken several interesting turns, Capitol Police identified four suspects and made arrests last November. Investigators learned that the four men “were involved in looting and vandalism along the Broad Street corridor” during the unrest and broadcast their activities live on Facebook. These videos, retrieved from Jenkins’ Facebook page, were found to be helpful in resolving the case.

On Friday, Jenkins, 19 – who Deputy Richmond Commonwealth Attorney Robert Bauer described as the group’s leader – pleaded guilty to breaking and entering the museum on May 31, 2020 and escaping the police in a separate incident about a month earlier when he crashed his car. in a fence trying to escape a traffic stop.

In return for his pleas, the prosecution withdrew three counts of robbery, conspiracy to commit robbery and destruction of property in the burglary of the museum.

Pursuant to a plea deal, Richmond Circuit Judge David Cheek Sr. sentenced Jenkins to 15 years in prison including 14 years suspended, giving him one year to serve. Jenkins was also ordered to pay $ 5,400 in restitution to the Science Museum – an amount that will be paid together with the other three defendants.


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