Discovery museum

GeekDad visits the Science Discovery Museum

Tucked away in the suburbs of Boston is a great science museum for kids. The Acton Science Discovery Museum is geared towards young geeklets looking for interactive science exhibits.

The granddaddy of the region’s science museums is the massive Boston Science Museum, which welcomes visitors of all ages. This means that not all exhibits are interesting for small children.

At Science Discovery, children learn that science begins with your hands, your eyes, your ears, your senses. Each exhibit has a hands-on component, and each component encourages children to explore what might be considered ordinary in an extraordinary way.

My son’s preschool took a field trip to Acton and I accompanied them as a chaperone. The kids all had a blast. If the children are having fun, I am having fun.

Each exhibit is interactive, allowing children to touch and manipulate the science experiments. They can:

Launch pucks at a huge and powerful magnet.

See the harmonic movement by pouring sand into a funnel.

Hear the different sounds produced by different sizes and types of pipes.

Design elaborate ball tracks and paths.

These are only the exposures that I managed to photograph. There are dozens of other things kids can explore and learn.

As a chaperone on the field trip, I appreciated the breadth of the discovery museum. It all started as a big, old house. There’s plenty of room for kids to explore on each of the three floors, but not so big that you’d worry your child would wander off. The hardest part of chaperoning was getting the kids to try out different exhibits. (They were having too much fun at their current exhibit to bother thinking about the next one.)

If the kids get bored of the science side, the Children’s Discovery Museum is right next door. “Children’s Discovery offers three floors of hands-on, kid-friendly entertainment. Each room in this historic Victorian home has a unique theme designed to inspire young children to explore and learn about the world around them.”

Well worth the drive to Acton to visit the Discovery Museum for the day. The Discovery Museums even made the list of the 1,000 Great Places in Massachusetts.

Photo by Doug Cornelius.