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Generation Hope: Acting for the Planet

To ensure that we listen to and learn from those on the front lines of our collective response to the planetary emergency, we created an advisory board of activists, scientists and Museum colleagues who advised on our approach and will contribute to the sessions throughout the week.

Daphne Frias (TwitterInstagram)

Daphne is a proud Latina climate justice activist, disability awareness campaigner, organizer and storyteller based in New York, USA.

Kathleen Hamilton
(TwitterForce of Nature Instagram)

Kathleen is Director of Partnerships and Programs for Force of Nature, an organization that, through virtual programs, empowers youth and decision-makers in over 50 countries to cultivate mindsets of action, determination and resilience.

Ken Johnson

Ken is a senior researcher at the Natural History Museum in London, where he studies the history of coral reef systems, spanning time periods ranging from decades to millions of years.

Selina N. Leem (TwitterInstagram)

Selina is a climate warrior from Aelōn̄ Kein Ad, now known as the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Describing herself as a “little island girl with big dreams”, Selina, at the age of 18, was the youngest delegate to the COP21 conference where the Paris Agreement was adopted.

Erica McAlister

is senior curator for flies and fleas at the Natural History Museum in London. She has been recording, researching and describing flies for over 15 years, both in the UK and around the world.

Larisa Pinto Moraes (TwitterInstagram)

Larissa is Executive Director of Engajamundo, a Brazilian youth-led organization dedicated to raising awareness among young Brazilians about their socio-environmental impact and encouraging them to engage in local, national and international decision-making processes.

Disha Ravi

Disha is a climate justice activist based in Bangalore, India, who founded the Indian branch of the Fridays for Future network.

Mitzi Jonelle Tan (TwitterInstagram)

Mitzi is a climate justice activist based in Metro Manila in the Philippines. She is the international facilitator and spokesperson for Youth Advocates for Climate Action Philippines.

Elizabeth Watuti (TwitterInstagram)

Elizabeth is an environmentalist and climate justice activist from Nairobi, Kenya, and founded Green Generation Initiative, which connects young people to nature across Kenya.