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International Space Station Exhibit at Springfield Science Museum Receives Funding

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) — The state has awarded the Springfield Science Museum $100,000 to move forward with its International Space Station exhibit.

State Senator Eric Lesser of Longmeadow was the main sponsor to include the $100,000 in the budget. The money will be used to help build the space station exhibit from the plans drawn up.

“People from all over the region, from all over the country come to Springfield museums. We know they’ve been hit hard by COVID-19. We have to keep these exhibits fresh, we have to bring in new stuff,” State Sen. Eric Lesser said.

“As a valued informal STEM learning space, we were very excited to continue working on the International Space Station exhibit,” said Kay Simpson, President and CEO of Springfield Museums. “The funding secured by Senator Lesser is a welcome addition to the funds needed to open this important and fascinating gallery.”

Science museum director Mike Kerr told 22News that the money is making it possible to open the space station exhibit in the spring: “People will be going outside and once inside it will be a multimedia experience.

Springfield State Sen. Adam Gomez, who grew up visiting museums, hopes the new exhibit will attract more museum patrons from minority neighborhoods: “I think if you encourage them, market them. If you are a Springfield resident, come and enjoy the museum.”

The goal now is to work fast enough to have the space station exhibit open to the public sometime in May, furthering their goal of supporting science and technology for young people.