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Lots of news from the Petaluma History Museum

Women’s Clubs Team Up for Joint History Exhibit at Petaluma Museum: An elaborate new exhibit will soon open at the Petaluma Historic Library and Museum titled “Finding our Roots: Women of Petaluma Flourishing & Blooming Over the Years.” A joint project of the Petaluma Woman’s Club and the Petaluma Garden Club, the exhibit will kick off with a grand opening on April 8, from 6 to 8 p.m., and will run through May 29.

“The exhibit tells the story of the women of Petaluma and their impact on our community over the past 126 years,” said a press release issued last week. The Garden Club was founded in 1924, making 2022 its 98th year, while the now 126-year-old Woman’s Club was established in 1896.

The opening of the exhibition will include representatives of Petalumans of Yesteryear, a group of interpretive actors who appear as prominent figures from the past. Some of the important historical figures who will be mentioned for the event include Ida Belle McNear, the first president of the Petaluma Woman’s Club (originally called The Woman’s Club of Petaluma), Clara Belle Ivancovich, Josie Hill, Nellie Denman and Addie Atwater, an early president of the Ladies Improvement Club.

There will be live music (by Home Johnstone and Pam Sommers), and the festivities will include an 1800s reading written by the aforementioned Ivancovich, an early president of the Petaluma Woman’s Club.

New Black History Timeline Installed at Museum: There is more news from the Petaluma Museum. An all-new Black History timeline of Petaluma has been designed and permanently installed among the museum’s many existing exhibits. Created by Petaluma historian John Patrick Sheehy and designed by Laurie Szujewska, the detailed display was installed Feb. 23 by staff members Skye Bailey and Terry Park, and is now available for viewing.

Extension of the “Junior Historian” exhibition: In even more news from the Petaluma Historical Library and Museum, the “Junior Historians” interactive exhibit that opened in February has been extended through the end of March. This family activity invites local children to contribute to the museum’s historical archives from a youth perspective. The exhibit has also been expanded, with additional gallery walls made available for art the children have created since the exhibit opened on February 18.

In the Creativity Station, youngsters are invited to draw and color Petaluma-themed artwork, and identify their favorite Petaluma playgrounds and other play locations on an interactive map. There’s also an animated treasure hunt game where story sleuths can explore the Museum in search of specific artifacts and exhibits, with a prize for adventurers who complete the hunt.

For more information, visit PetalumaMuseum.com.

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