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Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor appoints interim director

The Maine Discovery Museum in downtown Bangor has appointed an interim executive director.

The museum’s board has chosen Kate Dickerson to succeed Niles Parker, who leaves Bangor in mid-May to take over as head of the Nantucket Historical Association.

Dickerson is the founder and director of the Maine Science Festival, a program of the museum.

“We are delighted that Kate has agreed to serve in this capacity during this transition,” said Anne-Marie Storey, chair of the museum’s board of trustees. “The Museum is more committed than ever to building on our recent successes, including those achieved by Kate and Museum staff with the recent Maine Science Festival, and to continuing to grow in exciting ways to serve the community. The Board is confident that Kate will be invaluable in setting the goals and objectives for the future of the Museum while providing the administrative guidance we need during this time of transition.

Dickerson said she was “delighted” to take charge of the museum as it charts a new course after more than two years of struggles during the pandemic.

“I appreciate this opportunity from the board and know that MDM will continue to provide exceptional STEAM-based educational programming and continued scientific engagement through our programs, including MSF,” she said.