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Maine Discovery Museum reopens to the public

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) – The Maine Discovery Museum is officially open to the public once again.

The popular downtown Bangor spot has been closed since the pandemic began.

From reptiles to reading rooms, kids and parents were busy exploring all three floors of fun on Thursday.

Director of Education, Trudi Plummer, says she’s delighted that everyone is returning to use their space wisely.

Melissa Godin says they looked at the website while waiting for the museum to open.

Today, she says she saw her daughter show off some new skills at the boat show.

“It’s really interesting to see that somehow, so even though I’m with her every day, I missed that point in her development where she kind of put two and two together. and so having these different areas to explore brings out an option for her to explore new skills that she hasn’t really had.

“It’s everything from just hearing the little elephant feet above your feet above your head, to families having lunch together, to children rediscovering the museum who have missed it so much over the the past two years.” >

If you had an active subscription in March 2020, it was paused and restarted with an extra month added.

Online reservations are required now for a morning or afternoon session from Wednesday to Saturday.

Masks must be worn for anyone over the age of two.

For more information on upcoming camps and events, you can visit

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