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Massachusetts Science Museum Opens Vaccine Exhibit | Entertainment


WORCESTER, Mass. (AP) – A science museum in Massachusetts has opened an exhibit on a very topical subject – vaccines.

Officials at the EcoTarium Museum of Science and Nature in Worcester hope the exhibit which opened this week will play a role in educating visitors about COVID-19 and other vaccines, The Telegram & Gazette reported.

“Project Vaccine: Our Best Defense” also highlights the work of those who participated in the vaccination campaign.

The exhibit includes interactive videos featuring medical professionals explaining what vaccines are, as well as one that explains the role of truck drivers, nurses, community organizers and clinical administrators in the effort. vaccination.

Another video accompanied by touch models teaches the five different types of vaccines – RNA, viral vector, live attenuated, inactivated and recombinant – and their uses, by the scientists who worked on them.

The Museum of Science in Boston created the exhibit and shared it with the EcoTarium. Christine Reich, head of learning at the Boston Museum, said her museum felt the need to educate the public during the pandemic because science museums are among the most trusted facilities in their communities.