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My World Discovery Museum Hosts Stand with Ukraine Fundraiser

POCATELLO, Idaho (KIFI) – The My World Discovery Museum brings a sense of wonder and excitement to our young locals and on Tuesday they wanted something more.

The museum held its Stand with Ukraine fundraiser, with proceeds going to relief efforts in Ukraine.

Executive Director Melody Daniels says her daughter inspired the idea.

“His heart was really touched by the different things,” Daniels said. “I have a friend who is from Ukraine, and she was sharing a lot of information about her friends and family and what they were going through. She kept checking in and seeing how we could help her. “

Emma Daniels wanted to bring comfort to these people in any way she could.

“I was aware of the bombings in Ukraine and I knew there were people sending supplies to the Polish border and helping those in bomb shelters and subways,” said Daniels. “I know they’re probably feeling really lonely right now. I was trying to do what I could to maybe help them not feel so lonely.”

Melody says she’s proud to see her daughter’s selflessness.

“There’s nothing better as a mother than seeing your child take care of someone else they’ve never met and probably never will,” Daniels said. “It was very touching.”

Emma wasn’t the only one wanting to make a difference.

Seventh-grader Isla Andrew says her librarian shared that she had a friend in Ukraine who just lost a student to the bombings.

“She said she donated a bunch of school supplies and art supplies to maybe help the kids feel a little less alone,” Andrew said. “And so I just thought it would be a good idea to start fundraising.”

With every dollar raised, they hope to bring comfort to a devastating situation.

“I think it’s important that even though we can’t prevent the bombings, we make sure they feel supported and that we make the smallest difference possible in our daily lives,” Daniels said.

If you still want to donate through the museum, you can Venmo them @MyWorld-DiscoveryMuseum.