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New Wisconsin History Museum set to open in next five years

The Wisconsin National and State Museum’s completion date has been set at 2026 according to the Wisconsin Historical Society (WHS). It comes after the company recently announced the final location of the new State History Museum that maintains the building adjacent to the State Capitol building on Capitol Square in Madison. The Wisconsin Historical Foundation will purchase the adjacent 20-22 properties on North Carroll Street from the current Wisconsin Historical Museum on Capitol Square for the development of the new museum with assistance from Fred and Mary Mohs and the Mohs family.

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Through programs and exhibitions organized for guests of all backgrounds and ages, the establishment will share varied perspectives of the past and present. It will also provide historical context to the ever growing and expansive collection of American history of national significance. The Wisconsin History Museum will house temporary and permanent galleries that will allow the society to present stories to national, regional and local audiences. Visitors will enter spaces that engage all the senses through images and objects, rotating art, sounds

“The new history museum will highlight stories that connect communities and visitors to the world, to the region and to our state. We are very happy to be able to maintain our commitment to our residents and we are grateful for the support and enthusiasm of donors, state and communities of Wisconsin and the country to open a new museum in 2026. By expanding our space Currently, we will be able to build a new history museum that will exhibit and connect our stories with all of Wisconsin’s many counties. It will also allow the Society to provide better access to our valuable historical collections of Wisconsin and the United States, ”said Hartley Barker, director and CEO of the Wisconsin Historical Society.

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