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Niagara Falls History Museum Hosts Prickly Pineapple Watercolor Workshop

Mastering watercolor painting can be difficult for many people, but when a reputable artist walks you through step-by-step, this process becomes much more forgiving.

Sylvia Beben thinks it’s great fun too. The City of Niagara Falls Cultural Development Coordinator said a watercolor workshop to be held at the Niagara Falls History Museum from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. on August 24 is a perfect opportunity for people to try their hand at technique, whatever. their skill level.

Artist Diane Ptolemy will guide participants in recreating the painting “The Thorny Pineapple” on high quality paper using paint, crayons and crayons.

“Every class she takes here, you learn new techniques,” Beben said. “You learn to play with different colors and how things blend together in watercolor. There are certainly techniques that people will adopt.

Beben said Ptolemy’s advice means you don’t have to be artistically gifted. “Diane will walk you through the process and show you how to get the right tones,” she said. “She’ll pre-sketch the pineapple model. Just listen to the step-by-step instructions to fill in the colors.

Beben said people would walk away with a finished painting they could be proud of. “It’s something you made that you can hang in your home,” she said.

Beben said Ptolemy had a knack for making people feel at home during art workshops. “Diane tries to make the class really welcoming and enjoyable for everyone,” she said. “She is a wealth of knowledge. She is there to guide you and she is always there to help you if you have any questions.”

Space at the workshop is limited and the event is for all ages. Admission is $10 for museum members and $12 for non-members, and all materials are provided. People should register at anc.ca.apm.activecommunities.com/niagarafalls/activity/search/detail/1423?onlineSiteId=0&from_original_cui=true

The museum is located at 5810 Ferry St.