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“Parking to Park…” Presentation of the GRTC bus at the Science Museum of Virginia

The Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC) today unveiled a new bus wrap at the Science Museum of Virginia. The “Parking to Park…” message centered between paved surface parking and open park space, was developed by the Science Museum of Virginia with GRTC approval.

Each side of the bus shell depicts a bird’s eye view of an asphalt parking lot and parked cars on the left and open park space and people from all walks of life biking, walking, picnicking and playing on the right. The packaging was designed to raise awareness of the need for better transit access to green spaces for all members of our region, as well as to balance regional needs for parking, parks and resilience. This is the second in a series of community bus wraps from the GRTC designed to increase awareness of community issues related to access and transportation.

“The ‘Parking to Park’ message is an introduction to a deeper conversation about how first we can use public transit to access some of our region’s greatest natural resources and second how we can strive to balance critical transportation infrastructure with the need for urban green spaces and community access,” said Julie Timm, CEO of GRTC. “We need a holistic approach to how and how where we place, and how we design and sustainably manage, our much-needed surface parking areas while incorporating green space for long-term resilience.”

Green spaces and parks are often overlooked but vitally important elements that support the health of our people and communities, the economic growth of our region, and the sustainability of our infrastructure in the face of increasing environmental pressures. However, the protection and access to green space is often in direct competition with modern elements of urban design. The theme “Parking to Park…” alludes to the Science Museum‘s current work to transform the roadway into green space with the development of The Green, and serves as a springboard for conversation about how land use, parks , urban planning, public transport use, climate change and public health are all linked.

“By providing tree canopy shade, rainfall-absorbing surfaces, and air-purifying vegetation, parks and green spaces are an asset to the city’s public health, equitable economic development, and communities. climate resilience goals,” said David and Jane Cohn Science Museum scientist Dr. Jeremy. Hoffman. “The new bus wrap will deepen the conversation around the relationship between land use decisions and climate change and the actions we can take at the individual, neighborhood and city level to become a more resilient community.”

The Science Museum has developed a new webpage to accompany the bus wrap and provide resources for the community to learn more. The page can be accessed directly at or via a QR code highlighted on the bus for GRTC riders. The page includes highlights from the Science Museum’s urban heat island research, more information on The Green’s development, and resources to help users find local parks accessible by GRTC.

The GRTC’s partnership with the Science Museum on this campaign has created a natural storytelling component for both organizations: sharing the science of how green spaces make a city cooler and squishier and showing how designing a city ​​has an impact on human health and well-being. The two organizations began work on the bus wrap project in fall 2021.

About GRTC
GRTC is a utility company providing mobility services in the Greater Richmond area. The GRTC’s current operating budget (FY22) of $63.2 million primarily funds day-to-day mobility operations and vehicle maintenance. GRTC provided 7.8 million trips – in FY21 (July 1, 2020 – July 30, 2021).

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