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Phoenix Art Museum displays rare photos of rock and roll legends


This weekend, the Phoenix Art Museum is hosting a special event titled “The Lost Negatives of Rock and Roll Photography,” which features newly discovered photos of 1960s rock icons including the Rolling Stones, Janis Joplin and ‘others. The photos were taken by producer and music manager Michael Friedman who has established close relationships with many of the legends he has worked with. Earlier today, we spoke to Michael Friedman about his photos.

“I didn’t know they still existed, I had around 2,000 negatives about fifty years ago and my wife found them in a box full of commercial music papers in our attic,” Friedman said.

Friedman said he was surprised when these photos were found and that he was fortunate enough to have access to these rock legends.

“I was really a very lucky kid, I was in my twenties and music has always been my passion, that and photography, and I kind of put the two things together,” Friedman said. “It was one of those lucky Forrest Gump situations that I stumbled into and had an amazing experience.”

Friedman was close to many of the group because he was the same age as them, which was in part responsible for his unique access. Friedman says he was close to Janis Joplin and described her as a “force of nature”.

“She was wonderful, she was smart, she was sad and lonely most of the time, she was a lot of everything. I was close to Janis, I really liked her a lot, she was wild and crazy and it finally caught up with her, ”Friedman said.