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Q: What is wonder? | MSU Broad Art Museum

This week’s answer comes from MSU Broad Art Museum.

You may feel a sense of curiosity as to how it was made or the materials the artist used. Wonder studies what it’s made of and where the materials come from. Which materials are familiar and which are new? Up close, wonder examines how the artist experienced or felt the creation of the sculpture, portrait, or exhibit.

You might wonder what other people think when they see the artwork. Do we see things the same way? Isn’t it wonderful that we can have different ways of looking at art? You also wonder when you create your own art! You wonder what will happen if you use a material in this or that way and place objects and materials under or on top of each other. Asking is choosing a unique way to share ideas or look at things with a new perspective.

Artists go through the process of questioning, experimenting, reflecting and sharing as they bring ideas to life through their work. And you can also at the Broad Art Museum by attending the many events on offer such as Family day on March 5. Visitors can also attend a Focus Tour or Night at the museum where all ages can enjoy an evening of science and art inspired activities. Book your free tickets at

Ellie Anderson and Meghan Zanskas
MSU Broad Art Museum

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