Science museum

Science Museum Lates returns next month

After a long hiatus, the monthly adults-only nighttime opening at the Science Museum resumes next month.

Each of the monthly late openings is themed, and those in November will be dedicated to space, celebrating the final frontier. From rocket launch and space object hunting workshops to the Soyuz simulator.

There will also be all the regular events of live lectures, music and silent disco.

General admission to the museum for Lates is free, although there’s also a VIP option that gets you in a bit earlier and includes a free drink and discount in the shop.

The first post-pandemic Science Museum Late takes place on Wednesday, November 24 and tickets must be reserved here.

Highlights for November Science Museum Delays

Launch of the Black Arrow rocket

Britain’s first step into the space race, BLACK ARROW, was launched 50 years ago. Take on the challenge the engineers faced and see if you will succeed through thick and thin or crash and burn.

A New Science of Consciousness: Anil Seth in Conversation

Being you is not as easy as it seems. One way or another, in each of our brains, billions of neurons work to create our conscious experience. How can this happen? Join Anil and a host of guests as they explore the intersections between consciousness and philosophy, math, artificial intelligence and more.

This event requires tickets to be reserved from here.

Between the worlds: there is no planet B

Experience a live performance of an original composition by virtuoso violinist Anna Phoebe, accompanied by stunning visuals from the European Space Agency.

Q&A with Libby Jackson: UK’s future in space

Libby has worked at the European Space Agency, NASA and now the UK Space Agency. What is the future of British citizens in space? What kind of people could these astronauts be?

Soyuz simulator

Train like a Russian cosmonaut on the British Interplanetary Society’s replica Soyuz simulator and attempt to dock a Soyuz capsule with the International Space Station.

Q&A with Madeline Thorpe: How to Operate a Spaceport

What is a spaceport? And what challenges do you face when you’re in charge of it? Madeline Thorpe has been CEO of Spaceport Cornwall for 7 years and is here to answer all your questions