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Science Museum of Virginia’s receives $500,000 donation for green space project | Art museums

The Science Museum of Virginia announced that it has moved closer to its fundraising goal for green space renovations with a $500,000 donation from the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation.

The 6-acre green space nestled next to the majestic Broad Street Museum is currently under construction. The green space design goals align with the city’s Richmond 300 development plan which aims to prioritize environmental health in the city.

A key aspect of achieving this goal is the planting of thousands of native trees and plants since the Science Museum of Virginia is located in an area of ​​Richmond that has a low level of trees.

The Mary Morton Parsons Foundation has previously been a patron of the museum. The floating 29-ton granite globe in front of the Science Museum of Virginia is the result of a grant from the foundation in 1999, and it’s called the Mary Morton Parsons Earth-Moon Sculpture.

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