Science museum

See Stephen Hawking’s possessions at the Science Museum

The Science Museum has decided to expose Londoners to the blinding light of pure genius.

For the first time, the personal items of legendary cosmologist Stephen Hawking have been put on public display to hopefully provide unparalleled insight into the life and ideas of the great man. ‘Stephen Hawking at Work’ gives Londoners the chance to get up close and personal with many totem objects, including the scientist’s doctoral thesis before fame, the first voice synthesizer, glasses and even an invitation to a ‘time travelers party’ which Hawking hosted.

The objects were chosen from over 700 objects belonging to Stephen Hawking which are now in the possession of the Science Museum. The museum says that over time, details of each will be uploaded online for the public to study and enjoy.

Of particular interest is a “precious blackboard” smeared with math equations, scribbles, cartoons, and weird math jokes. What does that mean? Unless you’re also a Cambridge-educated super-genius, probably nothing. But it will certainly be enjoyable to watch in awe for a while.

‘Stephen Hawking at Work’ is at the Science Museum until June 12. Free admission.

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