Science museum

Sir CV Raman Science Museum ready for inauguration


The Sir CV Raman Science Museum, established at a cost of 1.4 crore yen, including building and equipment, is ready for grand opening.

The equipment was supplied by the BM Birla Science Center in Hyderabad, with which a memorandum of understanding was signed.

The walls are painted with different science themes to attract the attention of the students. There is also a range of astronomical-related photos and writing on them.

No less than 54 subjects are treated in the science museum with a list of experiments and principles on which he works. Topics covered include physics, electronics, biology, astronomy (space) and mathematics.

In the mainstream of mathematics, there are nine models that explain 45 theorems from class VI to X, which include geometric verification and algebraic identity, Venn diagrams, and the area of ​​circles and triangles.

The museum is full of photographs of great scientists and has a space gallery. He has paintings of unique science concepts. The botanical garden is an environmentally friendly element in the museum. The museum also has an auditorium with scientific images.

“Our intention is to strengthen the scientific temperament of students so that their way of seeing things and their perspective changes for the better. Any initiation from an early age will attract them to scientific reasoning. Collector Mr. Hanumantha Rao and former collector Manickraj Kannan have supported the creation of this museum, ”said district science officer H. Vijaya Kumar.



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