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Sky Space Time Change exhibition arrives at Laguna Art Museum


LAGUNA BEACH, CA — The latest new exhibit presented at the Laguna Art Museum in conjunction with the annual Art & Nature Festival is “Sky Space Time Change”. Taken from the museum’s vast permanent collection of Californian art, its conservation is inspired by “Any-Instant-Whatever” by Rebeca Méndez. The festival artwork is a 2-channel looping video of images captured from the Los Angeles sky during winter 2019-2020.

“Like Mendez, many of the ‘Sky Space Time Change’ artists also admired the southern California skies,” the museum revealed, “contemplating through their works the interconnections between physical, environmental and cultural systems.”

“Sky Space Time Change” includes paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs.

In addition to Craig Stecyk, whose “Northwest Passage (Clock)” is pictured above, the exhibition includes works by Lita Albuquerque and Helen Lundeberg.

Albuquerque was the featured artist of Art & Nature in 2014. She was behind a performance on Main Beach called “An Elongated Now”. Patch believes his 1989 lithograph “Solar Eclipse”, which is part of the museum’s collection, will be in the exhibit.

Lundeberg (1908-1999) was one of the most important California Modernist painters of the 20th century, according to LAM, which owns three of his paintings. “Moonscape” (acrylic on canvas, 1966) and “Sundown Shadow” (acrylic on canvas, 1983) fit perfectly with the theme of the show.

The ocean is the main subject of painters Frank Cuprien and McClelland Barclay. Tom Wudl’s “Untitled” from 1978 contains all four elements of the show’s title, so it’s a safe bet that it will be included.

“Sky Space Time Change” is co-organized by Sharrissa Iqbal and Michael Duncan.

Both are working hard on “Particles and Waves: Southern California Abstraction and Modern Physics, 1945 to 1980”. The exhibit will be the Laguna Art Museum‘s contribution to the Getty’s “Pacific Standard Time: Art x Science xLA” in 2024. The museum received a grant from the Warhol Foundation earlier this year, which funds curatorial research.

Patch eagerly awaits the curators’ take on “Sky Space Time Change” and how their long-term investigation into the physics and art of intersection will influence this installation.

“Sky Space Time Change” debuts on the Art Walk on First Thursdays on November 4th.



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