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State Budget Announcement for the Springfield Science Museum

An allotment was included in the Massachusetts state budget to help Springfield museums with a new exhibit.

A $ 100,000 grant from the state budget will help fund the construction of an exhibit on the International Space Station, as part of a multi-year, multi-million dollar effort to modernize all of Springfield Science Museum.

“This support is essential for the ongoing work we are doing on the Science Museum Evolution Campaign,” said Kay Simpson, President and CEO of Springfield Museums.

The funds were announced by the two Springfield state senators, Democrats Eric Lesser and Adam Gomez.

Lesser said the new science exhibit is being planned just as there is new interest in space travel.

“You don’t have to be Jeff Bezos or Elan Musk, we can train astronauts to go to space from a young age if you are passionate about science, math and all the technology involved,” he said. Lesser said.

He called Springfield’s museums a “treasure for the region” and stressed its importance as a tourist attraction.

“And that creates huge payoffs in terms of booking rooms at nearby hotels, eating at nearby restaurants and all the other funds that come with bringing visitors to this facility,” Lesser said. .

Gomez recalled that he visited museums as a child and now takes his own children there.

“These are things that we want to make sure they stay in place for generations to come,” Gomez said.

The new exhibit will be a facsimile of the Destiny module on the International Space Station, said Science Museum director Mike Kerr.

“We want to replicate some of the excitement of space exploration and scientific discovery,” Kerr said.

Plans for the exhibit include a “space cart” of astronaut equipment for visitors to touch, an exhibit of NASA artifacts, and a live link to the actual space station.

The space station exhibit is tentatively scheduled to open to the public in spring 2022.