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The brilliant reviews of the Natural History Museum, the National Gallery and the British Museum left by Americans on TripAdvisor

London is blessed with some of the best museums and galleries in the world with a wide variety of offerings ranging from the Natural History Museum to the National Gallery. What’s even better is that most of the biggest and best are absolutely free to enter, even if they twist your arm for a small donation.

The huge range of museums and galleries is of course not just for Londoners and is also very popular with tourists who come from all over the world to visit. And it’s no surprise that the National Gallery has works of art by Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci to name but a few.

Americans seem particularly enthralled by visiting the UK, with thousands of people arriving every year to experience the history and culture of a country where many of their ancestors hailed from. And when our American friends from across the Atlantic arrive for a visit often at the top of their to-do list is to venture to one of London’s museums and galleries.

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Vincent van Gogh’s painting of sunflowers can be seen in the National Gallery

However, the experience Americans are used to having at home in their cities and towns can often be very different from how things work here, which makes for a fantastic read seeing their reviews. So MyLondon decided to take a look at Tripadvisor to find some of the best reviews of some of our most popular tourist attractions.

Natural History Museum

“I’ve seen pictures of this place for decades and it always looked like they had thousands of specimens on display. They don’t. What they put out is some of the best in the world. , like a pair of Dodos, the legendary arms of deinocherius, and some nice open dinosaur mounts. The area they really excel at is in their exhibit on human evolution. It’s a must-see, but that’s about at the level of the best museums in North America.

“Now if you read these reviews you know the amazing things that can be seen in the museum (Egypt, Parthenon etc.) but one thing to know is that on the very top floor there is a very good place to eat.”

The museum's huge atrium is currently filled with the skeleton of a blue whale named Hope
The museum’s huge atrium is currently filled with the skeleton of a blue whale named Hope

“I’m sorry, but this museum was a dud for this American visitor. Maybe it’s the overcast weather, or the construction in and around the museum, but the place felt dull and tired from the moment I the start. The dinosaur remains the star attraction and frankly I have seen much better. And there was almost nothing on the plants. I do not remember having been so disappointed by a museum. For a country renowned for its naturalists, this is unacceptable.

“This is another impressive museum. The architecture alone is worth a visit. Again, the British are burying the Americans!”

The British Museum

“The British Museum is considered by most historians, archaeologists, anthropologists, scientists, geologists and educators to house the greatest collection of artefacts from the formation of the Earth to the 21st century. In addition to natural artefacts, the museum holds an amazing collection of humanoid stories that date back over 10 million years. The museum is huge and (if you’re interested) you could spend several days exploring it… Otherwise you owe it visit at least a day……..You won’t be disappointed and it will help put London at the top of your list of cities visited outside the United States.”

“The first place I go when I arrive in London from the United States is the British Museum. In July I visited the Ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians for the 33rd time! Whoever arranged and curated this section is a thriving genius because you feel like a time traveler…step back in time to the classics the rest of the museum is ok in my opinion but the classical section is the best classical section in the world if you like the Romans, the Egyptians and the Greeks, oh, my God!!!”

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“It has been described as the best museum in the world and that is undoubtedly true. The size is staggering. I was struck by the gallery of enlightenment and realized that the museum is as old as our country! (United States).”

“As always with High Tea, this is more of a late afternoon meal for uneducated Americans like me, but the service at the Great Court restaurant in the middle of the museum was fantastic and the food was quaint and delicious.”

“They plundered the world for your convenience, the Brits really are so considerate. This place is awesome, and free, but mostly awesome. The older the artifacts, the more they seem to have. Only the North American room seemed light. There are plenty of places to sit and rest, the toilets less, the food is in the central courtyard created by the new roof.

national gallery

“I mean, free museums? Why didn’t the Americans do that? Beautifully hung and lit works of art, across many time periods. Pretty awesome.”

“Nice works of art. A well laid out museum but some rooms are too hot. I know it’s Europe but this American likes at least a fan blowing in the room.”

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