Art museum

The Denver Art Museum is open to everyone

With the renovation of the Martin Building and the new Sie Visitor Center, the museum has taken the opportunity to create more inclusive and welcoming programs, exhibits and spaces.

Last October, we collaborated with Dope mom’s life, a local video production company, to invite community members to visit and tell us what they think. Dianne (the “dope mom” who started the business) and her team hosted several community roundtables allowing people to express their opinions on art and creativity, their perceptions of museums, and their experiences at DAM. We paid them for their time and input, and asked three people (Joce, Ryane and Alejandra) to share their thoughts for a series of videos. In the video below, they discuss, in their own words, the joy, connection, appreciation and inspiration they feel when visiting DAM.

Science supports them. Studies show visiting museums can lead to a happier and healthier life. Engaging in art reduces stress, improves quality of life and creates connections – all things we need more than ever.

We hope that you and your friends and family will come soon to explore the reimagined and renovated museum. People 18 and under get free general admission every day, and the museum also holds regular free days. Learn more and plan your visit.