Art museum

The digital art museum sheds light on the economic weight of art and culture

Contract signed during a trip to Asia

Hopes are now high that the digital art museum will replicate the success of the Elbphilharmonie from 2024. The first and largest digital museum in Europe with a permanent exhibition titled “teamLab Borderless Hamburg” is under construction over more than 7,000 square meters with 10 meter high ceilings in the east of HafenCity in Hamburg. This huge space is on the way to becoming the largest climate neutral museum in Europe. Various measures will ensure that the museum’s carbon footprint is zero.

Initiated by Lars Hinrichs, the idea of ​​a digital art museum in Hamburg follows a visit to the teamLab exhibition in 2016 at the Maeght Foundation in the south of France. The teamLab is an international and interdisciplinary collective of artists, programmers, engineers, mathematicians, architects and experts in computer animation. “I was overwhelmed and I knew I wanted to experience this in Hamburg,” Hinrichs said and started working with his contacts. The contract was finally signed in 2019 during a trip to Asia that saw Dr Peter Tschentscher, mayor of Hamburg and 50 other political, commercial, scientific and cultural actors visit the Digital Art Museum in Tokyo.


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