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The Maine Discovery Museum in Bangor will reopen to the general public

Exciting things are happening at the Maine Discovery Museum, including its reopening to the general public next week.

The Maine Discovery Museum on Main Street in downtown Bangor takes STEAM learning to a whole new level, with kids learning through play. that !” in the museum because it is hands-on learning. I asked Niles Parker, the museum’s executive director, about this acronym and he told me it was Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.

It is a very good link between teaching some traditional STEM activities and the arts. It’s just a different way of expressing what you’re learning and for some people learning in this dimension is easier or more fulfilling for them.

He went on to say that it is important that the arts do not get lost in the education of our children.

So go ahead… What’s the exciting news?

The first good news is that the Maine Discovery Museum opens its doors to the general public on Thursday, February 10. While the museum was open in January, it was for members only. Now everyone is invited to have fun, with a little change. You must set aside a time to visit, rather than just stop by, and masks will be required of all visitors and staff. Find more information about the guidelines in the Maine Discovery Museum Code of Conduct.

Exciting News Number 2 is a good-news-bad-news situation…

The Maine Discovery Museum is returning to in-person summer camps for children. Bad news? The February summer camp is already full. Good news? They will be hosting more holiday camps for the rest of the school year. Find more information on when you can register on the Maine Discovery Museum website.

And exciting news #3?

Finally, the Maine Science Festival returns this year, with STEAM learning and fun from March 16-20. This festival has many layers, from hands-on projects for children at the Cross Insurance Center, to discussion sessions at other companies, to a special Bangor Symphony concert. A schedule of events will be posted on the event website and Facebook page.

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