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The Missouri History Museum ‘St. Louis Sound Exhibition Explores the City’s Contributions to American Popular Music | Entertainment


Tina Turner dress

Courtesy of the Tina Turner Museum at Flagg Grove School

Artifacts on display include St. Louis foil, or the earliest known recording of a musical performance, recorded by St. Louisan Thomas Mason in 1878; instruments played by Chuck Berry, Miles Davis and others; spectacular clothes worn by Tina Turner, Willie Mae Ford Smith and others; and even a reproduction of the ID photo of Guns N ‘Roses singer Axl Rose taken after the infamous 1991 Riverport riot.

“We didn’t want to create a list of the most important musicians in St. Louis or a hall of fame with people inside and out,” Wanko said regarding the decision of the stars to be featured in the show. ‘exposure. The aim was to present a variety of musicians and novelty notes, from “bigger hits to deeper cuts”.

“When you come to visit the ‘St. Louis Sound Gallery, you’ll see artifacts from most of the big names in St. Louis, ”Wanko continues. “But you’re also going to see artifacts from St. Louis that you may never have heard of before and which are just as important.”

Visitors to the museum can simultaneously read the history of popular music in St. Louis while listening to the sounds and voices of musical legends who once inhabited the city or at least passed through it.

Upon entering the exhibit, use a smartphone to scan the QR code on the wall and open an organized reading list. Songs are numbered to match the numbered recording symbols scattered throughout the gallery. So when you learn more about Scott Joplin and his best-known hit, “The Entertainer,” you can hear the melody with your own ears.



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