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The Natural History Museum in London put a giant T. Rex in a Christmas sweater

The holiday season is approaching with so many traditions: gingerbread houses, Christmas trees and, of course, peppermint mochas. But sometimes something unexpected happens. Take this T. Rex to the Natural History Museum in London. The giant animatronic dinosaur, designed to be a faithful replica of the real creature that roamed the earth, typically scares young children.

To get the museum into the festive spirit, staff climbed ladders to put a giant theropod-sized sweater on the ancient creature. It took 100 hours to make such a large garment, according to the New York Times. The process was simple, as the first sweater was too big, and it was difficult to put a turtleneck on the rather large head of a prehistoric creature. Finally, they modified the sweater so that it could be zipped up.

The London Natural History Museum told Thrillist that the company that made the gigantic sweater is called British Christmas sweaters. The company also makes sweaters for the British Parliament. When finished, the sweater was 10 feet wide all over the body and four feet around the neck.

Visitors will be able to see the remade dinosaur until the museum closes for Christmas on December 25 and 26. For true fans of the sweater, you can purchase yours from the gift shop, where human, adult and children’s sizes are listed. Sweaters are also available for purchase online, but unfortunately they only ship to UK.