Discovery museum

The Normal’s Children’s Discovery Museum offers a variety of events, from camps to encourage learning during school vacations


NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) – The Children’s Discovery Museum in Normal is ready to help local families learn and play during the school holidays. It offers various day camps, events and learning opportunities for children. Masks are mandatory for all visitors, regardless of their vaccination status.

Zoom with Santa Claus

Thanks to the magic of Zoom, the Children’s Discovery Museum offers families virtual tours with Santa Claus. He looks forward to welcoming families on December 20 and 21. $ 25 per call includes a 5-8 minute video chat with Santa. Once you have registered for the desired date with Santa Claus, you will receive a confirmation email with an online form to fill out for your family’s visit. Seats sell out faster than Santa’s sleigh – so register today! The available appointments are listed below.

As a preparation, please download the Zoom program to your computer or device well in advance of your family’s date with Santa Claus. Your computer or device must have a camera and microphone and be compatible with Zoom. Please log into Zoom using the link provided prior to your appointment. We recommend that you test the Zoom program before your visit if you have never used it before.

If you have any questions prior to your appointment, please contact Amy Pitzer at [email protected] or 309-433-3448.

Day camps

Discovery Day Camps offer children the opportunity to engage in STEAM-based learning through play. Each day consists of a classroom recess, themed activities, a 30-minute lunch, more fun activities, and then in-class snack and recess during pickup.

Be sure to log in to access online program registration and membership discounts. Registration ends one week before the start date of the program.

** If you don’t see the program you want to register for, it may be full or registration is closed.

Age: K-5
When to go to class: 8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.
Cost of the class: $ 51 Members / Museums for all
$ 56 non-members

Children should bring a lunch bag and a bottle of water to class.

Dated Topic The description
Monday, December 20 Energy What is energy and where do we find it. Learn all about the different types of energy in our world such as mechanics, electricity, heat and more!
Tuesday December 21- THE CAMP IS FULL! Human body Take a closer look at what makes our bodies work. We will explore fun facts and different body systems and campers will have time to explore the new “I’m Healthy” medical exhibit.
Wednesday 22 December- THE CAMP IS FULL! Holiday STEM challenges Dust your brain off and get ready to fight your way through holiday-themed STEM challenges. Make a reindeer that can “fly” along a zipline as fast as possible, design a snowball launcher, protect a candy cane from breakage and more.
Thursday 23 December- THE CAMP IS FULL! Holiday gifts Let’s get ready for the holidays! We will make ornaments, special gifts for loved ones and much more!
Monday, December 27 Medieval engineering Catapults, Trebuchets, and Ballistae are all siege engines designed for medieval warfare. How were they built and can we build our own?
Tuesday December 28-THE CAMP IS FULL! Bubbleology When you mix two ingredients and bubbles form, a chemical reaction has taken place. We will explore the chemical reactions that form bubbles and how they are different from soap bubbles.
Wednesday December 29- THE CAMP IS FULL! DIY Crafts Come participate in the fun of DIY projects! Learn the process of making things from start to finish, and find out how exciting it is to create new things.
Thursday, December 30 Global renewal Find out how other cultures celebrate the arrival of a new year.
Monday January 3 THE CAMP IS FULL! Winter wonders Discover the science of snow! How do crystals form and what snow art can we create?
Monday January 17th Animal architects Discover some of the creative ways animals, like beavers, birds, and spiders, build and create awesome structures and homes.
Monday February 21 Space exploration: James Webb The new James Webb Space Telescope was launched this fall. Has he seen anything new yet? Discover this huge telescope and what scientists hope to learn about the history of the universe.
Monday March 21 Pi explorations Pi Day was last week, and we’re going to explore Pi principles and maybe even have a pie!
Tuesday March 22 Plants, insects and pollination It’s National Agriculture Week and we’re going to explore flowering plants and their pollination.
Wednesday 23 March Tropical forest Join us to explore the layers of the rainforest and learn about the habitat and animals of the jungle.
Thursday March 24 Wearable art Get creative and design recycled artistic fashion pieces that you can wear using a variety of materials. The possibilities are limitless!
Friday March 25 Newton’s laws Newton’s laws of motion help us understand what happens when forces are applied to objects. We will explore how the three laws of motion work using simple hands-on experiments.
Friday April 15 Earth Day Celebration Earth Day is April 22nd and we should be celebrating our house! We will learn more about our planet and how we can keep it healthy and safe.

New Year’s Eve noon

Celebrate the New Year early at the museum! Party goers will enjoy exploring the themed exhibits and activities as well as our Confetti Celebration Countdown.

New this year we are offering two-person schedules to manage the crowds and ensure a pleasant visit. We expect to be sold out, so register early!

Children must be accompanied by a paying adult.

Dated: Friday December 31

Time: 8 a.m. – 10 a.m. (Confetti at 10 a.m.)


11 a.m.-1 p.m. (Confetti at noon)

Cost: $ 7 Members / Museums for all

$ 12 non-member