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The Science Museum bows to the arousal pressure after complaints Boy or girl? display excludes transgender people


The boy or the girl? the cabinet currently contains a fake penis to be worn under clothing as a “packer” to give a masculine appearance, as well as a compression vest to flatten the chest. Testosterone patches worn to include bodily changes are also displayed.

In its current form, the undervalued display includes an information sign that states that “sex generally refers to a person’s biological characteristics”, while “gender is more difficult to define”.

The panel continues, “Your gender identity is our perception of yourself as a male or female, or, for some people, neither. It may not match your biological sex.

Plans to change the signage following complaints about limited mention of transgender issues, as reported in internal emails, have been criticized by activists.

“Sexual reproduction has not changed”

Maya Forstater, executive director of the Sex Matters campaign group and winner of a leading labor tribunal for her “gender critical” views, said: “The Science Museum should reflect biology. “

She added: “Sexual reproduction evolved over a billion years ago and it has not changed in recent years.

“It is the reproductive strategy of all higher animals and plants, including humans.

“Helping visitors of all ages understand this is at the heart of what the Science Museum should do.”

“It is worrying that a place dedicated to science is thus influenced by cultural trends. “

Boy or girl? had previously been amended to remove a sign that “your X and Y chromosomes define your biological sex” following complaints in 2016.

The Science Museum has confirmed that work is currently underway to revise the exhibit in its Who Am I? gallery, but no physical changes have been made yet.

The museum said the gallery is updated “on an ongoing basis, as resources permit, to reflect areas where there has been new research or a change in scientific consensus.”