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The St. Louis Sound exhibit at the Missouri History Museum is worth a visit [PHOTOS]

Guests see the instruments on display at the start of the exhibition. “Itemprop =” image “/>The entrance to the St. Louis Sound exhibit.
“itemprop =” image “/>Museum guest Jane Bergman looks at the different methods of listening to music.
“itemprop =” image “/>History Museum, explains the different musical eras that St. Louis has influenced.” data-title=”Andrew Wanko, public historian for the Missouri History Museum, explains the different musical eras that St. Louis influenced. “Itemprop =” image “/>Museum guests listen to Andrew Wanko explain some of the exhibits. “itemprop =” image “/>The Welders were an all-female punk rock band from St. Louis in 1975, the year before the Clash or Ramones released albums.

:: They kind of made the scene and this was the band everyone was talking about, :: Wanko said. :: So we wanted to tell these stories in a way alongside some of these bigger stories, they were more than excited that this was an exhibit featuring Tina Turner as well. They could never have guessed. :: “itemprop =” image “/>Jane Bergman is reading one of the exhibits. “Itemprop =” image “/>The museum presents several outfits of eminent musicians of Saint-Louis. “Itemprop =” image “/>Andrew Wanko tells museum visitors about the Mississippi Nights exhibit. Next to the display is a trivia game and a section on mixers created in St. Louis. “Itemprop =” image “/>The museum’s section on Josephine Baker has a video of her dancing and one of her outfits. “Itemprop =” image “/>A museum guest watches the video of Josephine Baker dancing. “Itemprop =” image “/>Blues musician Henry Townsend’s piano is also on display in the exhibit. “itemprop =” image “/>Henry Townsend’s piano keys have letters written for the lessons Townsend gave. “Itemprop =” image “/>Guests can scan a QR code to listen to a playlist that coincides with different views. “Itemprop =” image “/>The exhibit has a radio timeline as well as artifacts from the period. “itemprop =” image “/>:: We love to make these maps because a lot of these places are gone. Now, it’s hard to imagine where this was actually going on in town, :: Wanko said. :: St. Louis has changed so much since the 1920s that it kind of helps locate these places where they are today. :: “itemprop =” image “/>Costumes from Scott Joplin’s failed opera are on display. Joplin himself never saw the opera performed successfully, but East St. Louis dancer Catherine Dunham hosted the first-ever performance at Morehouse College in Atlanta.

::[Joplin] tried so desperately and no one would accept it. He tried to stage his own performance without lovable costumes, without theater, :: said Wanko. :: The couple of people who introduced themselves were left in awe and went to their grave angry that Treemonisha had not become his heirloom. :: “itemprop =” image “/>Museum guests discuss the exhibit. “Itemprop =” image “/>Tina Turner’s New Years Eve dress is on display, alongside pieces from the club where she performed with Ike Turner. “Itemprop =” image “/>An artifact in the museum. “Itemprop =” image “/>The museum has several interactive screens that customers can use. This allows guests to determine if they would like jazz music when it became popular. “Itemprop =” image “/>A notebook that allows guests to write down their memories of Mississippi Nights in. “Itemprop =” image “/>A guest takes a photo of one of the cards in the exhibit. “Itemprop =” image “/>Artifacts from the Imperial Club, a place where Ike and Tina Turner played, are on display. It includes a piece of the floor and the door of an office used by Ike Turner. “Itemprop =” image “/>A guest from the museum. “Itemprop =” image “/>:: We also wanted to include a case that spoke about music making in Saint-Louis. So here are some of the companies and places that actually make musical instruments. My favorite story here is Bob Heil, :: said Wanko. :: In the 1970s he was one of the guys who basically created the model for the rock sound of a big arena. :: “itemprop =” image “/>One of the radios on display. “Itemprop =” image “/>The St. Louis Sound exhibit runs until January 22, 2023. “itemprop =” image “/>


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