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Two Spire Healthcare Medical Technicians Feature in Major New Science Museum Exhibit | News and Events

A Medical Laboratory Technician from The Spire Hospital Southampton and a Radiology Practitioner from The Spire Hospital Leicester have has been chosen to feature in the brand new Technicians’ Gallery at the Science Museum in London, which opened this week.

Georgia Godwin, 23, in Spire Southampton is one of 100 technicians from across the UK selected to feature in the gallery. Her career is atypical: having wanted to move towards the performing arts, she changed direction and followed a course in forensic science. She now works in the pathology laboratory at Spire Southampton, analyzing blood and other samples from patients who come for diagnosis and treatment at the hospital. She also spends one day a week studying for her lab technician apprenticeship.

Georgia Godwin, Medical Laboratory Technician, Spire Southampton Hospital

Kelly Greaney, 34, from North West Leicester, has had an atypical career: having started at Spire working in housekeeping, she then changed course and became an assistant optician before embarking on childcare. She then returned to Speyer as administrator of the radiology department, was encouraged by her manager to take on more patient-facing duties, completed a two-year apprenticeship in practical health and social care sciences while working and qualified as an assistant radiology practitioner. His ambition now is to acquire an additional qualification to become a trained radiographer.

Kelly Greaney, Radiology Practitioner, Spire Hospital Leicester

The gallery aims to encourage 11-16 year olds to consider a scientific or technical career. Young people who visit the site have the chance to “try their hand” at being a technician and to learn more about all the interesting possibilities available to technicians. QR codes around the gallery direct people to a special website, where they can discover Georgia and Kelly’s stories and those of other technicians.

Georgia Godwin said, “I fell in love with the biological sciences, and now I’m here at the Speyer Laboratories. Working here keeps me going every day and I really feel like I’m making a difference in people’s lives.

“I am delighted to be part of the new gallery at the Science Museum. I encourage anyone, regardless of background and interests, to consider a career as a technician.

Kelly Greaney said, “I really like the variety in my role. Every patient is different and you never know exactly what each day will bring. I’m also very motivated by how I’m able to continuously develop in my role. I can always push a little further and I haven’t stopped yet.

“I am very happy to be part of the new exhibition at the Science Museum. I encourage anyone, regardless of background and interests, to consider a career in radiology.

The gallery was developed by the Gatsby Charitable Foundation. Their research shows that while parents are increasingly supportive of technical education, 40% don’t understand what a technician is, while 66% say their child has expressed an interest in a career they know. little.

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