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UC San Diego Library and San Diego Museum of Natural History Collaborate to Raise Awareness

New community partnership results in exhibit celebrating intersection of art and science

Today, the UC San Diego Library announced its new community partnership with the San Diego Museum of Natural History (The Nat), which has resulted in an art exhibit that will be presented at the Balboa Park Museum and at UC San Diego from August 12 to October 24. , 2022. The exhibit features winning images from the Library’s 2022 Art of Science competition, a program to celebrate the beauty that can emerge during scientific inquiry at UC San Diego and beyond.

Seaweed Kaleidoscopes was created from pressings of common seaweed species found in San Diego by Adi Khen, Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, Smith Lab.

Each year, the Art of Science competition kicks off with a call for entries where UC San Diego students, researchers, and affiliates are invited to submit images or graphics that tell a story about their research, along with a caption that explains their work in an engaging way. and accessible to non-scientists. A judging panel of faculty and administrators from the UC San Diego campus and community selects the winners, and the artwork is displayed on campus, and now this year in Balboa Park, providing greater public access.

“We are thrilled to embark on this new community partnership with the San Diego Museum of Natural History and are grateful for their willingness to highlight this year’s Art of Science competition and winners,” said Erik Mitchell, librarian at Audrey Geisel University. “The competition was originally created to raise awareness of the library’s research data curation services, which are available free to UC San Diego affiliates, and has evolved into a program that serves multiple audiences. and scientific disciplines. I’m glad this program is in place; it gives us the opportunity to recognize and celebrate the genius behind the research conducted in the university’s laboratories.

2022 Art of Science Winners

  • Edward Ashworthpostdoctoral researcher, UC San Diego Department of Emergency Medicine with contributions from Ryotaro Ogawa and Peter Lindholm
  • Adi Khengraduate student, Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego, Smith Lab
  • Anne LyonsPhD student, Department of Bioengineering at UC San Diego, Jin Zhang Lab with contributions from Danielle Schmitt, Sohum Mehta and Jin Zhang
  • Lev Tsimringresearcher, BioCircuits Institute at UC San Diego with contribution from Liyang Xiong
  • Maggie Yuundergraduate student, departments of cognitive science and visual arts at UC San Diego

Honorable Mentions Art of Science 2022

  • Michael Chandlergraduate student, Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego
  • Loren Phillipsundergraduate student, Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at UC San Diego
  • Sheng XuAssociate Professor, Departments of Nanoengineering, Bioengineering, Electrical Engineering, and Computer Science at UC San Diego with contributions from Yusheng Lei

3D model of jellyfish generated by diffusion tensor imaging by Maggie Yu.

The Library’s Research Data Collections Repository houses over 40 terabytes of data from a variety of scientific disciplines at UC San Diego, including archeology, chemistry, climate science, structural engineering, ocean and more. The look and beauty of some of these digital resources inspired the Library to organize the Art of Science competition.

“The Art of Science competition gave me the opportunity to articulate my research in an accessible way,” said Anne Lyons, winner of the 2022 Art of Science competition and a doctoral candidate in the department of bioengineering at UC San Diego. “It is a real privilege to share a glimpse of the exciting activities that take place inside the cells. I am honored to have been selected as this year’s winner and look forward to visiting the exhibits to learn more about the scientific works on display.

bacterial flowers

Bacterial Flowers, an image of complex structures that arise during interactions between different strains of bacteria by Lev Tsimring with contributor Liyang Xiong.

The Art of Science exhibition will feature eight images from the 2022 competition and will be located in the museum’s 1st floor gallery. A duplicate exhibit will be displayed simultaneously in the covered walkway of the WongAvery Library at UC San Diego for the campus community to enjoy easily. To view these images as well as the winning images from last year’s competition, visit the Library’s digital exhibit, which will also be accessible via a QR code on the exhibit title wallboard.

“We are two organizations that conduct research and provide science communication to the public, so naturally The Nat is thrilled to showcase the research conducted at UC San Diego through the beautiful artwork of the competition winners,” said Justin Canty, Vice President of Education and Engagement at the Museum. “The fields of art and science work incredibly well together as they provide a way to explore, express and describe the world around us – something to which both our organizations are committed. The work featured in this exhibit will provide a truly unique perspective for the community to understand science.

For more information, visit the Art of Science competition website. To view the Art of Science 2022 digital exhibit, visit lib.ucsd.edu/artofscience2022.