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University of Northern Arizona Hosts Art Museum’s Christening Ceremony | Education


Northern Arizona University held a ceremony Wednesday evening to rename the campus art museum in honor of the university’s 13th president, Clara Lovett.

José Luis Cruz Rivera, the current president of the NAU, said it was “a privilege to recognize Dr Lovett”.

“She was the first woman president of the NAU and the Arizona system, leaving a legacy of institutional advancement, modernization and advocacy for the arts,” he wrote in an update Thursday.

Lovett was president of the NAU from 1994-2001. Achievements during her presidency include organizing a Pew Higher Education roundtable on campus and restructuring the university’s mission and goals for the 21st. century. After leaving the NAU, Lovett became President and CEO of the American Association for Higher Education.

The Clara M. Lovett Art Museum “focuses on[s] the diversity of voices, media, themes and creative impulses at work in art today, ”according to its website. He “believe[s] in the centrality of artistic expression in all communities and cultures and the invaluable value of art as an educational experience.

It is in the fourth stage of its post-pandemic reopening. Located on the second floor of Old Main, it presents a number of exhibitions each year and is currently open to the public Wednesday through Saturday.

“Our university will be forever grateful for President Lovett’s legacy of leadership,” Cruz Rivera tweeted Thursday. “I look forward to working with the Lumberjack family to build on their many accomplishments. “