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Young Life: The Science Museum of Virginia hosts Girls in Science workshops | Entertainment


“It’s a fascinating session for college girls who love their cell phones, and in the event of a power failure during an extreme weather event, this charger will provide a way to communicate with others,” McKenzie said.

In another activity titled “A Warmer, Wetter Virginia,” participants will experiment with a model to explore the environmental impact that materials used in our built environment can have.

“We have a small facade of a building, a heat lamp and a thermometer, and the girls can experiment with the ‘sun’ shining directly on the building. They can sprinkle with a watering can on a hard surface, like plastic, to simulate water flowing over an impervious surface, ”said Jennifer Guild, director of communications and curiosity. “Then they can test what happens to the runoff when it is poured onto a surface, like a sponge. They can brainstorm suggestions for what their family can do, such as planting flowers or a green roof, to help with the flow.

With information on the function and benefits of a rain barrel, the girls could engage in a local initiative to place rain barrels in the community. All participants will receive an eco-friendly tote bag with additional information and materials for further exploration in their homes and communities.

“Much of this workshop involves an introduction and exposure to a variety of environmentally beneficial practices. We’re not trying to teach them everything, but we want to act as a catalyst, provide that spark that interests them and pursue various topics when they return home, ”Guild said.